1st Newsletter

Welcome to the first Newsletter of the Virtual Teams Project

In the first issue, you will find information about:

  • The idea behind the project and its main objectives and the target groups
  • Our project partnership 
  • Our transnational project meetings 
  • The progress of the project the first 12 months (Completed, Current and Future Activities)

The project will develop the following Education Materials:

  • A toolkit for virtual team leaders, HR professionals, and managers.
  • In-service training course for vocational education and training (VET) professionals.
  • MOOC Massive Open Online Courseware – on effective management of virtual teams.

Translational Project Meetings

Kick off Meeting 

The first meeting of the project took place online on July 16th, 2021. The meeting started with a welcome and presentation of each of the different organisations who form the partnership of this project. The development plan of the project including deadlines and division of work between partners was presented and partners agreed upon all the upcoming activities.

2nd Meeting

The second transnational project meeting took place online on November 8th 2021 with the active participation of all partners, discussing the next steps of the project. More particular the partners discussed extensively the format of the toolkit and other project management issues.  

Completed Activities of the Project

Practical and Innovative Toolkit

The first output of this project aims to the development of a practical and innovative toolkit that is expected to support SMEs, team leaders, managers, HR professionals, trainers and e – Workers in adopting best practices for teleworking.

All partners have conducted focus groups and distribute questionnaires to managers and HR professionals from all the partner countries to address the needs of the target group and develop a step by step toolkit for effective management of Virtual Teams for enhanced employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity.


The readiness checklist and guidelines accompanies the toolkit so that users know how to implement best practices in their workplace based on the needs of their employees. The toolkit was translated in all partner languages so as to ensure it is widespread and usability.

Current Activities of the Project

In service training package course for VET professionals

Currently the partners are working on the intellectual output 2 (IO2) which focus on empowering and training team leaders, HR professionals and staff to be able to support e – workers and individuals in working remotely. CCIS with SUD CONCEPT which are experts in developing and delivering training courses for VET have the responsibility of developing the in-service training course, with the support from all partners.


The training course will include 3 sections:
1.In-service training course for Team Leaders
2.In-service training course for HR professionals
3.In-service training course for e- Workers


The training course is flexible to adaptability to different work contexts and support the sustainability and compatibility of the training programme in future social and learning challenges. The material will be freely accessible and downloadable via the website of the project.